What Would Reagan Do?

If confronted by a hot war with the Soviet Union?
Economic turmoil? A coup d’état?

What could he have accomplished with four more years as president, and backed by a united congress?

This exciting new novel explores what might have happened if an unimaginable event triggered the repeal of the 22nd Amendment—permitting Ronald Reagan to serve a third term as president of the United States.

Reagan’s Third Term blends actual events from the period (such as Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, two vacancies on the Supreme Court, the Exxon Valdez disaster, Tiananmen Square) with many others that could have happened. Which, if they had, would have tested–and defined–Reagan’s presidency in dramatic new ways.

Abortion. School prayer. Reaganomics. Welfare reform. North Korea. Libya. Gun control. Affirmative Action. The Culture Wars. Immigration.
A radicalized Teachers Union threatening to shut down the nation’s schools. An attack on Israel. The Strategic Defense Initiative.

The freedom to choose a successor true to his vision of America as a shining city upon a hill.

Beginning with a military takeover in the USSR and continuing on through the fight to fulfill the Conservative Revolution in America, Reagan’s Third Term provides a thrilling and thought provoking story of what might have been.

Featured Persons, Topics, and Events

A Third Term “Dream Team” cabinet that includes Rush Limbaugh, William Bennett, Robert Bork, Kenneth Starr, and Jack Kemp … Teddy Kennedy’s role in the demise of the Democratic Party … Bill & Hillary Clinton … Marion Barry … Michael Dukakis … Michael Deaver, Robert McFarlane, Ed Meese, George Schultz, Colin Powell … Margaret Thatcher and Great Britain’s drift towards civil war … Unilateral action by America and the nuclear option … Mikhail Gorbachev … The collapse of NATO … The War on Drugs … Moscow’s proposal for a European Union and the reunification of Germany … Battles over Iceland, Norway, and Alaska … Fidel Castro … Environmental espionage … An assassination attempt … North Korea’s provocative missile program … Noriega, the canal, and the decision to invade Panama … Daniel Ortega & the Sandinistas … Qaddafi and Islamic extremism … Reagan’s inspirational inaugural address … “Heaven’s Ranch” … The fights over abortion and school prayer … Dirty politics in the race for the Oval Office … The betrayal of George HW Bush … The future of the GOP – and much more!

About the author

Gib Kearney was born and raised in Reagan country.
A graduate of Cal Berkeley (with a degree in English), Mr Kearney now resides in Washington state.
He is married and has one son.